Education City Transportation

Qatar Foundation (QF) has launched the Education City Tram – a pioneering transport system that brings a new form of sustainable travel to Qatar and elevates the nation’s profile as a nerve center of innovation. 

The electrically powered Tram system, which uses a groundbreaking form of battery-charging (Modular on-board energy storage unit) technology, carries passengers on the blue and yellow lines where its numerous schools and universities are located, Oxygen Park, Qatar national library, Multaqa as well as the Green Spine and the Education City Stadium which considers as one of the hosts for FIFA World Cup-2022. 

Supporting Qatar’s overarching sustainability goals, the Education City Tram makes QF a more environmentally friendly, interconnected, and accessible environment, as well as provides a travel option that aims to reduce vehicle use and emissions within and around QF. It gives users new opportunities for social interaction while educating them about the importance of sustainable transport, and the health benefits that result from using alternative modes of travel to the car. With a total of 3 stations and 13 Tram stops.

The 19 state-of-the-art Avenio Trams have an onboard energy-storing system that removes the need for overhead power cables and can travel from one stop to the next without a need for charging. Each Tram capacity has 64 seats, in total 200 passengers standing including dedicated seats for people with disabilities.

Ghanim Hassan Al-Ibrahim, Chief Operations Officer, of Qatar Foundation, said: “The launch of the Education City Tram marks a true milestone not only in the continuing evolution of Qatar Foundation’s built environment but in the 


All trams are operating in accordance to regular timings

Tram Stations at Education City’s three multi-story car parks (P1, P3, P4) allow visitors to Education City to park their cars on arrival and use the Tram to get to their final destination.
Visitors using the Doha Metro can access Education City Tram from three adjacent Green Line Stations, Education City, Qatar National Library and Al Shaqab.

  • Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult for their own safety.
  • Smoking aboard the tram or while waiting for the tram is completely prohibited. 
  • For your comfort and safety, we recommend holding on to the straps while standing in the Tram. 
  • Do not distract the driver while the tram is moving. 
  • Wait until the passengers exit the tram before boarding. 
  • Please respect other passengers and enjoy your ride aboard Education City Tram

  • Always cross the Tramway at the designated locations.
  • Always use the available crossing signals.
  • Look left and right before crossing and as you cross
  • Listen for the Tram bell – the driver rings it to get your attention

  • Always obey the traffic signs.
  • Always obey traffic signals – Red always means STOP.
  • Pay attention to changing road conditions.
  • Never drive or park on the Tramway.