EC Tram

Qatar Foundation has launched the Education City Tram – a pioneering transport system that brings a new form of sustainable travel to Qatar and elevates the nation’s profile as a nerve center of innovation. The tram has free wi-fi and has been designed to provide a comfortable commute for all passengers.


Your Safety and that of others starts with you!

It’s important to know the safety precautions while driving around Education City, please be informed of the following:

1. The tram will be frequently crossing Gharrafat Al Rayyan Intersection.

2. There are boom barriers that stop traffic when the tram is crossing the main road.

3. Slow down when you see the tram approaching and when nearing the boom gates to avoid car accidents.

4. In addition to the preinstalled traffic lights and speed cameras, additional barriers have been added. Always pay attention!

6am to 10pm on weekdays and from 6am to 4pm on weekends.

Children who are not 12 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult when riding the Tram.

Please wait for passengers to exit the Tram before boarding!

Lost property on the Tram shall be reported to QF Security Control Room. Contact: 44541086

1. Infants and Children

  • Infants and children who are below 12 years old are not permitted to travel on the Trams alone and must be accompanied by an adult.

2. Carriage of bicycles, pushchairs and mobility device

  • You may bring any kind of personal mobility device onto the Tram if it is folded and stowed properly. Wheelchairs have two dedicated locations on each tram where the user can attach a safety belt during the journey. You are responsible for any wheelchair, pushchair, carrycot, or folding bicycle, and must ensure it does not cause any injury or inconvenience to fellow passengers or block emergency exits or walkways.

3. Carriage of luggage and belongings

  • On the Tram, you are responsible for your luggage at all times, and must ensure it does not cause any injury or inconvenience to other passengers or block emergency exits or walkways.

4. Carriage of animals

  • Small animals must be kept inside a suitable closed transportation container or cage. Guide or Hearing Dogs accompanying blind or deaf passengers are allowed inside the Trams. Your dog must travel on the floor of any Tram and not on any seat.

5. Lost Property

  • If you find property belonging to another passenger while on the Tram or Tram premises, you must hand it over to an authorized representative at the earliest opportunity. You may also report the matter directly to QF Security Control Room, or to claim your lost property, on 4454 1086.

6. Feeling unwell, accidents and complaints

  • If you become unwell, injure yourself in or around the Tram premises or Trams, you must inform an authorized representative immediately, or call 4454 0999.
  • For any complaint about any element of the Tram, please email:

7. Filming and Photography

  • You may not film or take photographs for commercial gain without proper consent from Qatar Foundation. When filming or taking photographs for personal use you must be respectful of others and seek their permission.

8. Conduct of passengers

  • Do not distract the driver of a Tram.
  • You must wait until the passengers exit the Tram before boarding.
  • You must not use any obscene, threatening, or offensive language, or cause annoyance or offence to others.
  • You must not display, exhibit or distribute any printed, written, or pictorial matter for the purpose of advertising or publicity or sell any product.
  • You must not obstruct the opening or closing of automatic doors of the Tram.
  • You must not smoke, carry or dispose any lighted inflammable item.
  • You must not spit on any part of the Tram premises or Trams.
  • You must not place or throw litter anywhere expect in the waste bins provided for that purpose.
  • You must not carry guns, firearms, air pistols and flares, pepper spray, knives or picks, work tools not safely contained in a carrier, fireworks, ammunition or fuel, corrosives, compressed or liquefied gases or similar items on the Trams.

9. Service and Timetables

  • Transportation services on the Education City Tram will be provided as per the published timetable with estimated arrival and departure times of Trams on the Tram Stops/Stations. However, this may change or be withdrawn, and substituted timetables may be issued, or services may be canceled at any time without prior notice.

10. Fines

  • If you fail to comply with the Conditions of Carriage or the User Regulations, we may remove you from the EC Tram, levy a Fine, issue a travel ban or refer the matter to the police. An appeal for a Fine issued against you can be raised by speaking to an authorized representative.

      • Always cross the Tramway at the designated locations.
      • Always use the available crossing signals.
      • Look left and right before crossing and as you cross.
      • Listen for the Tram bell – the driver rings it to get your attention.

      For emergency, please call 44540999

      For Lost and Found, please contact the security 44542525