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Event Assistant Volunteer


As an event assistant volunteer for Ladies Night, you will be crucial in supporting the Ladies Night team to ensure the smooth execution of various activities and assisting event attendees. This role requires a proactive and enthusiastic individual, passionate about creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment for all participants. Please note this volunteering role is only available to ladies (aged 18 and above)

Volunteers’ responsibilities include the following:

• Assist in Activity Coordination: Volunteers will be assigned an activity station and will be responsible for managing that station.
• Attendee Assistance: Provide information and assistance to event attendees regarding the schedule, activities, facilities, and any other inquiries they may have.
• Manage Event Logistics: Assist in logistical tasks, such as setting up and organizing the different stations and ensuring equipment and materials are readily available for activities.
• Communication and Liaison: Act as a liaison between event organizers, volunteers, and attendees, conveying any crucial updates and feedback.
• Promote a Positive Atmosphere: Create a friendly, inclusive, and supportive atmosphere for all the visitors at the stadium.

Education City Stadium

Event Details

Event Timings

  • Wednesday, 5 June 2024 - Wednesday, 4 September 2024
  • 6pm-10pm

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