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IELTS Preparation Course


This IELTS course is aimed at students who wish to prepare for the internationally recognized IELTS examination and have little or no experience in it. The lessons explore the necessary skills and techniques to improve all aspects of the student's English speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The course also covers sub-skills such as academic vocabulary, grammar, and style but focuses on strategies to approach the different IELTS tasks accurately and efficiently.

Course Goals
Students who complete this course will be able to:
• Recognize and overcome challenges presented in the IELTS exam when approaching a task
• Understand the mechanics of the IELTS exam such as formatting, question order, and time given
to complete each paper.

• Understand what is required in all 3 parts of the exam
• Feel more confident when answering questions

• Better understanding of a variety of academic texts
• Skim and scan for specific information in the texts
• Identify the different parts of a text
• Use several strategies to approach the questions in the Reading paper

• Understand the requirements of tasks 1 and 2 of the Writing paper
• Better analyze and understand the instructions given
• Use specific vocabulary for graph description
• Structure their essays properly

• Have a better understanding of the 6 question types found in the listening
• Address the questions with more confidence
• Spot distractors and focus on the information required in the questions
• Identify pertinent information in listening passages

In-Person Teaching System,
Course Start & End Dates: June 23 - July 23, 2024
Course Days: Sundays &Tuesdays
Course Time: 9 am - 10:30 am, 1.5 hour
Course Duration: 5 Weeks, 2 Days per week, Last week each session 3 hours
Total learning 18 hours

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23 June-23 July 2024

IELTS Preparation Course #1
In-Person Teaching System,
Course Start & End Dates: June 23 - July 23, 2024
Course Days: Sundays ... show more

occurs on

Sunday 9am-10:30am,

Tuesday 9am-10:30am

1000 QAR


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  • 23 June-23 July 2024 - 5pm - 10:30am