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The Qader Award is an initiative aimed at empowering individuals with disabilities in the Arab world.  This award supports individuals in the Ability Friendly program and financially covers their participation in swimming and football classes. The innovative program provides a safe and inclusive environment for children with disabilities to learn and enjoy sports, promoting their physical and social development.

Parents can register for a chance to enroll their children for free in these classes, which are led by qualified and experienced coaches who specialize in adapting the activities to the children's abilities and needs. The classes not only offer a fun and healthy activity for the children but also foster a sense of belonging and confidence in their abilities.

The award’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for children with disabilities is truly exemplary and serves as a model for others to follow. Overall, the Qader Award makes the Ability Friendly program more accessible, promotes inclusivity and empowers individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential. Parents can apply here!