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In our gardens and sports fields

The idea of the 130,000-square-meter Oxygen Park is to introduce a green lung in Education City, inviting students and visitors alike to refresh their minds, body, and spirit through active exercise and to explore the symbiotic relationships between oxygen, plants, and healthy purified living.

A different green space in Education City is the Quranic Botanic Garden, which introduced a new concept in the world of botanical gardens, as it is the first garden of its kind to exhibit plants mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah. It aims to enhance and spread knowledge about these plants, the terms associated with them, and how they are cared for and preserved.

Education City Golf Course is a professionally designed golf course that gives a realistic, world-class experience to visitors. The golf facility covers a sizeable area of 1200 Hectares of land adjacent to the Education City Stadium and offers a place that honors education, innovation, sustainability, research, and culture, becoming the vehicle that grows the sport in Qatar.

It recently opened a court for one of the most popular sports in Qatar: Padel!