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Design Post-COVID Humanity Recap

Design Post-COVID Humanity Recap

DPCH-3T is an innovative, blended and multiplex educational space that will run over the span of six months to collectively work on the new normal and the new humanity awaiting us. DPCH-3T presents youth with an educational journey that unleashes their transformative power to design a fairer, more inclusive, and sustainable post-COVID humanity.

DPCH focuses on the philosophical, spiritual and interdisciplinary dimensions of this new humanity and stresses three key virtues: Taaruf, Taawun and Tarahum, or Acquaintance, Cooperation, and Mercifulness, to empower the youth in designing our post-COVID humanity.


DPCH-3T features:

  • Human-centered design training
  • Open spaces with global partners
  • Mentoring
  • Digital mindfulness and resilience
  • Academic speaker series
  • Inspirational talks
  • Networking opportunities
  • Social experiments
  • DPCH Summit during Ramadan 2021

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