The Electric Vehicle Transition

The Electric Vehicle Transition

This webinar presents insights into future adoption and use of electric vehicles worldwide based on the systematic analysis of the leading markets in North America, Europe and Asia. By comparing and contrasting results across the markets studied, the webinar will address several key questions that policymakers and other stakeholders are currently facing.


The Electric Vehicle Transition: Insights from the Study of the Leading Global Markets

  • Speaker:

    Dr. Marcello Contestabile, Principal Economist, QEERI

Panel Discussion:

Qatar’s Move Toward the Green Car Initiative

  • Moderator:

    Dr. Veronica Bermudez, Senior Research Director, Energy Center, QEERI

  • Panelists:

    Dr. Marcello Contestabile, Principal Economist, QEERI

    Dr. Sertac Bayhan, Senior Scientist, QEERI

    Dr. Pierre Kubiak, Senior Scientist, QEERI

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