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From Deep Tension to Deep Relaxation: Comfort your Feeling and Overall Senses

From Deep Tension to Deep Relaxation: Comfort your Feeling and Overall Senses

KiGong & Brain Education Middle East

The Middle East representative KiGong team originating in Qatar including members from Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, Tunisia, Spain, Canada & Korea (ranging in age between 22 & 63) was awarded the Golden Prize in the International KiGong festival in Korea in 2020.

With dedicated full-time trainers for both ladies as well as mixed participants ranging in credentials and experience between 21 & 26 years in the field of Martial Arts, Healing, Mind-Body & Movement Therapy.

Ki-Gong Involves:
  • Harmony Of Movement, Breathing And Awareness In KiGong
  • BODY CONTROL: Practicing correct posture
  • BREATH CONTROL: Breathing evenly
  • MIND CONTROL: Controlling your Awareness
Ki Energy, Principles & Practice For Self Healing
  • Learning how to stimulate energy and circulation in the body
  • Contribute to develop self-strength, flexibility as well as stability
Physical and Mental Advantages
  • Eliminate fatigue and improves sleep
  • Boosts recovery from minor illness and healing of chronic illness
  • Overflowing vigor & vitality
  • Gradually eliminates anxiety, fear, and obsessive thoughts
  • Minds at ease, feeling more happy and peaceful, calm and care-free
  • Develops sharper concentration and more fluid creative function naturally

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