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Wellness Principles & Practice by Brain Education™

Wellness Principles & Practice by Brain Education™ Series - EP1: How to Open Up to Change

Filmed inside Education City's Picturesque Student Center ('Multaqa') we take a look at change from a perspective of being new things, encounters, situations & circumstance, people as well as opportunities. And we do so for the sake of the Mind to better manage, discover and create the life we want, with the help of the we touch on Mental & Physical Health, Life Priorities, Values, Character, Community & Humanity.

Your guide for this journey of self-discovery & potential is Master Mohammed (@Master.MAZ), a #QFAlumni from Brain Education™ Middle East (@BrainEducationME)

The Visual Art & Educational Series was Produced by 'WOW Brain!' Media Creation Department within @BrainEducationME as a community-based wellness project in partnership with Qatar Foundation’s Education City (


Master MOHAMMED’s credo as part of Brain Education™ Middle East

A few years pass, 19000+ participants on, and 15+ countries later, we believe “A Truly recovered Brain, Loves Challenges, to be Creative, and Wants Peace...” That's why we say “TAKE BACK YOUR BRAIN & POWER” in realizing you can create your own health, happiness & peace in helping yourself as well as others in raising and benefiting humanity.

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Tue, 06/23/2020 - 07:45

I loved following this - great work Education City and BrainEducationME. A real breath of fresh air during these times. Looking forward to seeing more soon :-)

Tue, 06/23/2020 - 14:37

Thoroughly enjoyed being transported into a serene Inspirational space. Thank you, watching out for more!

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